Digestive System Incursion

Digestive System Incursion


On Monday the 9th of may the year 3/4s had an incursion about the digestive system.


First we learnt about the mouth we learnt that in your mouth all the food gets smaller and smaller when you are chewing it and we got to have a lolly.😆


After that we learnt about the oesophagus the oesophagus is a long tube that pushes the food down into the stomach. We got to play a game where you had to push a ping-pong ball down a stocking and the winning team got another lolly my team won!😆.


Next we learnt about the stomach and we got to do an activity my partner was Saptha and you had to put a piece of bread and some water in a bag and mix it until it was all squished then we had to put 2 spoons of cocoa powder mixed with oats and then squish it again. Next we put it into a chux wipe and squeezed all the juice out into a cup in the chux wipe there was all the leftover stuff looked like a poo! It was disgusting!!!!!!!!!!😛 After that we were allowed to touch a ox’s tongue, a pig’s stomach and a pig’s small intestines I didn’t because it was to gross😛!


I really enjoyed the incursion my favorite part was having lollies the colours of my lollies were blue and red.                                                             By Eboni