The Skeletal System



The Skeletal System is made of bones and it helps us move. The Skeletal System makes you stand up.


When you are born you have 300 bones and when you get older your bones start fusing together and then you only have 206 bones. Calcium makes your bones stronger.


The smallest bone in your body is in your ear. The longest bone is in your leg. When you break a bone your bone puts another layer of bone over the top of the broken bone so it can get better. Bones are very hard.


Teeth are not bones but they are part of the skeletal system. The skull is very important because it protects your brain.


The Skeletal System is very important because it protects all of your organs.


By Eboni


The Royal Botanical Gardens and Federation Square

                      The Royal Botanical Gardens
On Monday the 15th of August the 3/4s went to the Royal Botanical Gardens. 
When we got there we sat down on the grass and ate our snack. 
Then we got some sticks from a basket and did a smoking ceremony.
After that we got into two groups and we looked at trees.
We saw a tree that had the most creepiest beetles in the world! some of them
had there butts stuck together.
After that we went and made some string.
then we learnt about the Indigenous Australians.
Then we did a painting and we got to make the paint by crushing a 
rock on a rock with a rock and then mixing it with water.

                             Federation Square
After that we went to Federation Square my dad came and saw us there.
We had our lunch there and a man told us about the Indigenous Australians.
We went inside and saw a possum skin ball.
Then we had sugar from a tree.

My favorite part was painting and making the string.

By Eboni