On the school holidays I went to a 
RSPCA holiday program with my friend Livina. 
First I had a play at Livvi's 
house then we went to the RSPCA. 
The first thing we did was go and see
the goats and then we saw the chickens and fed them crushed 
ANZAC biscuits.
Then we saw a cow named Rebeca and a pony called Gus.
after that we saw 3 rats that were so cute
one crawled across my shoulders.
Then we saw some guinea pigs and rabbits we also
made some guinea pig treats. 
Then it was time to go

What was your favorite thing you did on the holidays?
Have you ever been to the RSPCA?

cute rspca


Mother Earth Letter

Dear Mother Earth,
I will plant trees and plants. I will not litter and I will 
tell people not to litter. I wont waste paper. It is important
to look after the earth because then there would be no trees and no oxygen
and people and animals cant breathe. I will convince people
not to cut down trees and break plants.
From Eboni

How can you look after the earth?