On the school holidays I went to a 
RSPCA holiday program with my friend Livina. 
First I had a play at Livvi's 
house then we went to the RSPCA. 
The first thing we did was go and see
the goats and then we saw the chickens and fed them crushed 
ANZAC biscuits.
Then we saw a cow named Rebeca and a pony called Gus.
after that we saw 3 rats that were so cute
one crawled across my shoulders.
Then we saw some guinea pigs and rabbits we also
made some guinea pig treats. 
Then it was time to go

What was your favorite thing you did on the holidays?
Have you ever been to the RSPCA?

cute rspca


Mother Earth Letter

Dear Mother Earth,
I will plant trees and plants. I will not litter and I will 
tell people not to litter. I wont waste paper. It is important
to look after the earth because then there would be no trees and no oxygen
and people and animals cant breathe. I will convince people
not to cut down trees and break plants.
From Eboni

How can you look after the earth?


The Skeletal System



The Skeletal System is made of bones and it helps us move. The Skeletal System makes you stand up.


When you are born you have 300 bones and when you get older your bones start fusing together and then you only have 206 bones. Calcium makes your bones stronger.


The smallest bone in your body is in your ear. The longest bone is in your leg. When you break a bone your bone puts another layer of bone over the top of the broken bone so it can get better. Bones are very hard.


Teeth are not bones but they are part of the skeletal system. The skull is very important because it protects your brain.


The Skeletal System is very important because it protects all of your organs.


By Eboni


The Royal Botanical Gardens and Federation Square

                      The Royal Botanical Gardens
On Monday the 15th of August the 3/4s went to the Royal Botanical Gardens. 
When we got there we sat down on the grass and ate our snack. 
Then we got some sticks from a basket and did a smoking ceremony.
After that we got into two groups and we looked at trees.
We saw a tree that had the most creepiest beetles in the world! some of them
had there butts stuck together.
After that we went and made some string.
then we learnt about the Indigenous Australians.
Then we did a painting and we got to make the paint by crushing a 
rock on a rock with a rock and then mixing it with water.

                             Federation Square
After that we went to Federation Square my dad came and saw us there.
We had our lunch there and a man told us about the Indigenous Australians.
We went inside and saw a possum skin ball.
Then we had sugar from a tree.

My favorite part was painting and making the string.

By Eboni 


Digestive System Incursion

Digestive System Incursion


On Monday the 9th of may the year 3/4s had an incursion about the digestive system.


First we learnt about the mouth we learnt that in your mouth all the food gets smaller and smaller when you are chewing it and we got to have a lolly.😆


After that we learnt about the oesophagus the oesophagus is a long tube that pushes the food down into the stomach. We got to play a game where you had to push a ping-pong ball down a stocking and the winning team got another lolly my team won!😆.


Next we learnt about the stomach and we got to do an activity my partner was Saptha and you had to put a piece of bread and some water in a bag and mix it until it was all squished then we had to put 2 spoons of cocoa powder mixed with oats and then squish it again. Next we put it into a chux wipe and squeezed all the juice out into a cup in the chux wipe there was all the leftover stuff looked like a poo! It was disgusting!!!!!!!!!!😛 After that we were allowed to touch a ox’s tongue, a pig’s stomach and a pig’s small intestines I didn’t because it was to gross😛!


I really enjoyed the incursion my favorite part was having lollies the colours of my lollies were blue and red.                                                             By Eboni

Sovereign Hill

On Friday all the grade 3/4s from Holy Family School went to Sovereign Hill. We had to get to school early. There were three buses, my class and another class went in the same bus. It took about two hours to get there! On the way I saw a lot of trees and houses. When we arrived in Ballarat we saw a sign about Sovereign Hill. We were getting close! I could not wait to get there. At last we arrived! When the bus driver parked the bus we all got out of the bus and lined up behind our teachers. Then when we were outside the entrance to Sovereign Hill we got into our groups. In my group there was Olivia, Ryan and Morio, Olivia’s mum looked after our group.

We went inside and everyone sat down and ate a snack, once we had finished our whole class went to the gold pour demonstration. There was gold heating up on the stove while we listened to the man talking.Once the gold had heated up enough he took the pot of gold out and poured it into a mould. The mould was shaped as a gold bar. After that he told us that it was very, very hot. Then he picked it up with some big tongs and put it in some cold water. He then stood back and the gold sparked everywhere. It made a loud noise like a firework!

After that our class split up into our groups and we went off and did whatever we wanted.  Our group went to a lollie shop called Mr Browns Confectionery. We watched a demonstration of how to make musk drops. The man was heating up the lollie mixture on the stove. Then he took it out and poured it onto a bench and started kneading it to make it turn pink. Then he put it on this hook on a wall and he started hooking it. Then he cut it up into rectangle shapes and the he put them through a rolling machine that you had to wind the handle around to make the lollies go through to turn into circle shapes. Now they were hard so dropped them into a wooden box so they all separated and turned into little lollies. Then we had to go into the part where you buy the lollies from and we got a free try. The man told us that in the olden days red lollies were made out of red beetle shells and green lollies were made out of poison and blue lollies were made out of a different type of poison.

After that we went to have lunch.  After lunch we went to do whatever we wanted with our group. Our group went to a different lollie shop and I got a bag of musk drops and a toffee apple. Then we went to the old fashioned bowling. the bowling pins were shaped differently and were made out of wood. The bowling balls were also made out of wood. To play the bowling we had to hold the ball with two hands one on each side,put it between your legs and push it as hard as you can.

Then our whole class went to amine tour I learnt that the second biggest gold nugget is called the welcome nugget.

The whole class got togther and went to the education there we learnt about the gold rush. Some kids got to dress up as people leaving their countries going to find gold on the goldfields.

After that we got together with our groups. My group went to the candle making place. Me and Olivia wanted to make a candle. We both chose a bumpy candle. We went into this area with lots of different colour wax. Then a lady came and showed us what to do. She told us to turn our candles upside down and dip them in the wax straight away. Then we dipped it in water to cool it down. We kept doing that until the candle had five colors on it.

My favorite memory was gold panning I found a little bit of gold it was hard to find.
If I had a job at Sovereign Hill in the 1850s it would be working in a lollie shop because I love lollies!!

Lollies being made
Candle Makers